Building Regulations & ResCode

ResCode is a set of provisions for planning and building that ensure development meets the standards of local neighbourhood character, protects amenity and promotes sustainable development.

The provisions of ResCode apply to:

  • Planning and construction of new dwellings
  • Alterations and extensions to existing dwellings
  • Residential subdivisions

You can read more about ResCode and how to consider the provisions in context with other parts of the planning scheme on the State Government Planning website.

Construction must take place at an appropriate distance from a property boundary. Plans lodged for a building permit must clearly show compliance with regulation siting provisions. Every building is subject to siting requirements. If you want to build outside of the Building Regulations, you can apply for a Report and Consent by filling in the form corresponding to the regulation number. 

Application Forms

The following forms are available from the Customer Service Centre. 

73 - Maximum street setback 74 - Minimum street setback 75 - Building height 76 - Site coverage
77 - Permeability 78 - Car parking 79 - Side and rear setback 80 - Walls on boundaries
81 - Daylight to existing habitable room windows 82 - Solar access to existing north facing habitable room windows 83 - Overshadowing to recreational private open space 84 - Overlooking
85 - Daylight to habitable room windows 86 - Private open space 87 - Siting of Class 10a buildings 89 - Front fence height
90 - Front setback from side and rear boundaries


91 -Fences on or within 150mm side or rear boundaries 92 - Fences on intersecting street alignment 93 - Fences must not include barbed wire