Building & Planning Permits


There are many things you'll need to consider before starting a building project of any kind, including whether you'll need a building or planning permit from Benalla Rural City Council. 

You'll find all the information you need on our dedicated pages. See Building Permits for information about when you need to apply for a building permit. See Planning Permits for information about when you need to apply for a planning permit. Note that obtaining a planning permit doesn't mean you don't need a building permit and vice versa. 

Swimming pools also require permits. Visit our page on Swimming Pools for more information. 

We're always on hand to help you if you have enquiries about building, planning or development in Benalla Rural City. Use the navigational system at the top of this page to learn about some common construction permits required under local law. 

Construct a driveway

Call us if you want to construct, install, remove or alter a vehicle or driveway, whether temporarily or permanently. Driveways are considered ‘vehicle crossings’, as they connect your property to the street or road. The area from your property boundary and the road may require a permit to alter.

Plant a tree or put a sign on the nature strip outside your home

The area from your property boundary to the road, including the footpath, nature strip and the road, is municipal property. If you want to plant a new tree, consult a fence or put a sign or other fixture on municipal property, you’ll need a permit.

Construct, alter, demolish or remove a building

All building works require an ‘asset protection’ permit from the Council before works begin. Building sites can be complex and speaking to the Council about your project helps to avoid any costly issues that may arise. Click here to read more about Building in Benalla Rural City.