Community Grants

The Community Support Program supports projects and activities to assist in building healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities across Benalla Rural City. 

Our current funding streams are:

  1. Community Infrastructure Grants
  2. Community Sponsorship Grants
  3. Community Grants
  4. Youth Participation Grants
  5. Major Event Funding Program


We are transitioning our grant management process to SmartyGrants, an online platform that is easy to use. To submit an application for one of our grant funding streams click the ‘Apply’ button to navigate to the application page. 

For first time users, we recommend setting up a generic email address for members of your organisation when registering for SmartyGrants. This will allow future users to log into your organisation's account and access information used on previous applications and save a great deal of time.


1. Community Infrastructure Grants – CLOSED

Benalla Rural City Council has received $1M in Drought Funding from the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Program. Of this, $335,000 is being allocated as a Community Fund, meaning eligible community groups can apply to Council for up to $20,000 to deliver community infrastructure projects.

The funding is for infrastructure projects that create employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by drought, provide social benefit, stimulate local spending or provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries on which they depend.

Examples of eligible projects include facility upgrades, such as kitchen or toilet upgrades, fencing, solar panels, water tanks, lighting additions or upgrades. Repairs and maintenance are also eligible for funding. 

If you are unsure if your project idea is eligible please contact the Community Development Coordinator (03) 5760 2600 or

Expressions of Interest have been received and are currently being assessed. 


Download the Community Infrastructure Grant Guidelines(PDF, 486KB)



2. Community Sponsorship Grants - OPEN

The Community Sponsorship Program encourages not-for-profit, community-based organisations to seek funding for projects and activities that develop healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities across Benalla Rural City. 

The Community Sponsorship Program provides grants of up to $500 to support eligible projects, activities and events. Applications can be submitted at any time and are presented to the Council on a monthly basis. Please allow enough time for us to process your application. We recommend that you apply more than six weeks before you require the funds. 

Council elections will be held on 24 October 2020. There is a period before the elections called the caretaker period, which commences 22 September 2020. During the caretaker period, Councils are prohibited from making certain decisions. You can still apply for a Community Sponsorship Grant but a decision regarding your application won’t be made until early December at the first Finance and Operations Committee meeting of the new Council.


Download the Community Sponsorship Grant Guidelines(PDF, 528KB)


Would you like more information or assistance in completing your application? You can contact us at the Customer Service Centre.


2. Community Grants 2021 - OPENING SOON

The Community Grants Program provides an opportunity for community groups and not-for-profit organisations. Funding of up to $2,500 is provided annually to assist in the development of facilities, programs, activities and projects designed to build healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities across the municipality.

Applications for Community Grants are open each year between February and March.


3. Youth Participation Grants 2021 - OPENING SOON

Youth Participation Grants provide funds of up to $1,000 for eligible projects, activities and events, which may include leadership programs, fundraising projects, healthy living initiatives and other youth-led ideas.

Applications for Youth Participation Grants are open each year between February and March. 


4. Major Event Funding 2021 - OPENING SOON

The Major Event Funding Program commits approximately $12,000 annually to encourage groups to stage events. The events must deliver measurable economic benefit and contribute to the profile and liveability of Benalla Rural City. 

Applications for Major Event Funding are open each year between February and March.


Previous Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all those who successfully applied to receive grant funding. Benalla Rural City Council is proud of the achievements of the community groups and individuals who have used these funds to achieve exceptional goals. 

View a list of 2019/20 grant recipients(DOCX, 64KB)