Volunteer Stories

L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program

L2P driver and mentor next to the L2P car Mentor Noela Halacas and program participant Kate Pangbourne spent about 30 hours together over several months to help Kate complete the mandatory 120 hours of Learner driving. Noela was present when Kate gained her Probationary licence.

Noela says: “The satisfaction from being a Mentor in the L2P Program has been overwhelmingly enjoyable. The close relationships with my Mentees is a pleasure, watching their confidence grow in their driving and in their life from our conversations during the many hours of lessons has been rewarding. I believe the young people come out of this program with a more respectful insight to their future than what they expected at the start. It’s not just the driving lessons, it is the relationship that is so worthwhile.”




Friends of the Benalla Gardens – Dedicated ‘Dead Heads’

Volunteer Dead Heads in Rose Garden Barbara Tatterson, Tricia Potter and Betty Lindsay are members of a dedicated groups of Friends members who meet twice a week to lovingly the spent blooms from the estimated 1000 rose specimens planted in the Gardens. So with tongue firmly in check, these hard-working members have given themselves the not-so-subtle title of the “Dead Heads”.  

While all avid gardeners, the key skills required to be a dead head include patience, practice with secateurs and a good sense of humour. What keeps them coming back year after year? Barbara is motivated by a “love of roses”, Tricia sees it as a great way to “give back to community” and Betty appreciates “a sense of achievement and how beautiful it is to work amongst the roses”. This dedicated group help keep the garden blooming and weed free.

Image: Barbara Tatterson, Tricia Potter and Betty Lindsay – coming up roses.