Dog Walking in Benalla Rural City

All of Benalla Rural City is great for walking your dogs.

You can let your dog off the leash in designated areas only. These are Little Casey Island, Psaltis Parade Reserve and signed areas of Big Casey Island and United Friendly Reserve (see map below). In all other areas of Benalla Rural City, please keep your dog on a leash.

When walking your dog you must ensure that you have effective control, and always carry a leash. Effective control means your dog is within 50 metres of you, returns to you immediately when called and can be placed on a leash if required.

Even in an “off-leash” area, dogs must be put on a leash if they are within 30 metres of an organised sporting activity, a picnic or BBQ area ‘in use’, or an organised meeting such as an event held in a park. Dogs must always be on a leash within 10 metres of a playground and are not allowed to enter a children’s playground at all.

It's best to limit the number of dogs you walk at any one time. More than four dogs at one time would be too many for most people to handle effectively. 

Remember, we all use our parks and gardens for recreation. Always pick up after your dog.


Designated off-leash areas are:

  • Little Casey Island
  • Big Casey Island (signed areas only)
  • Psaltis Parade Reserve
  • UFS Sports Reserve (signed areas only)


Dog Off Leash Areas