Dog Walking in Benalla Rural City

All of Benalla Rural City is great for walking your dogs. In particular, places that dogs love to run include Little Casey Island, behind Psaltis Parade and behind the Arundel Street Oval.

When you are in a public area, you should keep your dog under effective control. This means that if needed, the dog can be brought under control by use of a cord, chain or leash or with a verbal or hand recall command. The reaction of the dog should be immediate. 

Keep an eye on your dog at all times, making sure that it's not allowed to worry, rush at, bite, attach or in any way threaten any person or animal. It's best to have the number of dogs you can control at any one time. Anything more than four dogs at one time would be too many for most people to handle effectively.

Effective control means preventing your dog from:

  • Causing damage or injury to any person, animal or property. 
  • Digging, burrowing or disturbing the earth in any way

 Remember, we all use our parks and gardens for recreation. Always pick up after your dog.