Schedule B on page 62 of Governance Local Law 2016(PDF, 40KB) provides details of the requirements of a petition. Petitions must adhere to the requirements or they may not be received by Council.

Key points include:

  • The first named signatory will be the person all correspondence will be channelled through 
  • The petition must be printed with no pencil or erasures
  • The petition must be received from at least 12 people who have signed and included their name and physical address
  • Each page must repeat the full wording of the petition as contained on the first page of the petition
  • A petition must be received more than six days before the Ordinary Meeting
  • Only the number of signatories and the issues raised in the petition will be included in the agenda and minutes
  • The petition must contain a request for action to be taken by the Council

A sample is included in Schedule B of  Governance Local Law 2016(PDF, 40KB).