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We regularly pick up and impound stray and lost dogs and cats. Registered or microchipped dogs and cats are returned to the owner as soon as they can be contacted. If we can’t get in touch with you, we take your pet to the Wangaratta RSPCA after holding them for 24 hours.  

 If you've found an animal, it's critical that you call us so we can come and pick it up. Lost animals need to be reunited with their owner as soon as possible. We can help with this (and usually in a much safer and more efficient way than jumping on social media).

Click here for information about the Wangaratta RSPCA.

If your pet is missing, contact us as soon as possible. If we haven’t yet come across your pet, we will contact you as soon as it is found.

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Merino Sheep x 4

Found on 25 March 2019

  • Location Found : Devenish
  • Breed : Merino
  • Sex : Other
  • Additional Info : Four Merino sheep found in Devenish, not belonging to any of the neighbours. Are they yours? They have NSW ear tags.
  • Available for Adoption : Yes

Tagged as : Livestock

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