How do I dispose of particular materials?

How do I dispose of household chemicals?

Household chemicals, including solvents, poisons, cleaning products, fertiliser, paint and car care products, are considered toxic waste. The Benalla Resource and Recovery Centre (Benalla Landfill) can't accept toxic chemicals. If you have toxic chemicals that you need to dispose of, you need to drop them off at 'Detox your Home' collection points. 

You need to dispose of household chemicals at ‘Detox your Home’ collection points.

See the Sustainability Victoria website for a full list of items that can be accepted at collection points.

The Sustainability Victoria website details collection points and dates of the mobile service. It also details a list of permanent drop off sites.

How do I dispose of paint?

We can take empty paint cans, but we can't take liquid waste. We recommend emptying your remaining paint out onto an old newspaper and allowing it to dry out. This can then safely go into general waste. The empty paint can then can be accepted at landfill.

How do I dispose of batteries?

We can't accept household batteries at the Benalla Landfill. However, you can dispose of these at our local ALDI supermarket. You can find out more on ALDI's battery recycling page.

Large batteries, such as automotive batteries, can be disposed of at Benalla Landfill.

Can I dispose of recyclables at the Benalla Landfill?

You can bring small amounts of recyclables to the Benalla Landfill free of charge.

I have a mixture of waste, will I get charged for multiple disposals?

Before arriving at the Benalla Landfill, we recommend you sort your waste. That way, we can charge for each component of your material and not be overcharged for some of your waste. The difference in prices can have a significant impact on how your charged. See our Charges & Application Forms page for pricing. 

Can I take whitegoods to Benalla Landfill?

Whitegoods and steel items can be taken to the Benalla Landfill free of charge.

How do I dispose of rural chemicals?

The ChemClear program provides a service for disposal of agricultural and veterinary chemicals. The Benalla Resource and Recovery Centre does not accept rural chemicals.

Visit or call toll free on 1800 008 182 to register chemicals for disposal and for more information about the program.

How do I dispose of empty farm chemical containers?

Farm chemical users are encouraged to contact us to discuss the disposal of empty, properly cleaned, non-returnable steel and plastic farm chemical containers to the Benalla Resource and Recovery Centre.

Please note:  

  • The drums need to be properly cleaned, with no chemical residue on the inside or outside of the container, including the thread and cap. We cannot accept containers with visible chemical residue.
  • Containers must have labels as inspectors need to be able to identify the container being handled.
  • Before dropping the container off at the Benalla Resource and Recovery Centre, you’ll need to sign a Container Cleanliness Declaration Form.

You can download the most recent forms from drumMUSTER website.

  • If your container is rejected, the inspector will request that your container is taken home, properly cleaned and returned for recycling in your next delivery.

Contact the Council’s Customer Service Centre to make a booking with the Benalla Landfill to dispose of farm chemical containers.

Go to the drumMUSTER website to learn more about the program.

Watch this short educational video to learn more about the drumMUSTER process.


Can I dispose of asbestos at landfill?

The Benalla Resource and Recovery Centre has a small domestic asbestos bin available for use under certain conditions. See our Asbestos Disposal page for more information about disposing of asbestos removed within Benalla Rural City.

Visit to understand the risks of asbestos, how to comply with asbestos legislation and resources for managing and removing asbestos in homes and workplaces.