Rural Outreach

Rural Outreach Worker Flyer with phone number contact details


The Rural Outreach service provides the link between rural residents and appropriate services that can assist and support people to self-manage their health and wellbeing.

The Rural Outreach Worker Ivan Lister visits residents in their own environment, providing a non-threatening space for people to discuss their issues and concerns and chatting about possible actions or referrals to help their situation. 

Due to the networks established over time there is a strong underlying relationship of trust between farmers and the Rural Outreach Worker and also between the worker and various support services in Benalla for example Benalla Health, the Community Health Nurse and GP clinics. 

Referrals to the Rural Outreach Worker come from family members, neighbours, friends, Centrelink, Rural Financial Councillor, Council staff, school staff, local GPs, police, the local Member of Parliament, community members or the individuals themselves. Much of the work is re-visiting and checking to see how people are travelling as well as initiating new contacts through outreach work.

Ivan can be contacted on 0474 501 406. He works in the Benalla region on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Download the Who Can Help How? resource brochure(PDF, 240KB) for a list of services and support available from government agencies and other sources. This information was compiled by the Rural Outreach program in March 2019 and last updated in February 2020.