Benalla Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre (Benalla Landfill)


The Benalla Resource and Recovery Centre (Benalla Landfill) is on Old Farnley Road.

Open hours

Benalla Landfill is open daily 12pm to 3.45pm. Vehicles to be exited from the site by 4pm.

Closed Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac Day.

The facility is closed on Code Red and Total Fire Ban days.

Would you like to apply for an account with the Landfill?

If you are a local business within the municipality that is requiring access to the Landfill weekdays from 9am, download the account application form(PDF, 212KB).

Save the form to your computer or device before completing it. Email or send completed forms to us.

The following materials can be disposed of by approved commercial customers from 9am weekdays: 

  • organic green waste 
  • general waste 
  • processed timber 
  • contaminated fill
  • clean concrete/bricks

Please note commercial accounts can only be used on weekdays and must only consist of a single material  from the list above. 

Fees and charges

Please note - Landfill Disposal Vouchers are no longer available.

Description per item/minimum charge

       per tonne

General waste (Residentiall)

$13.00 (up to 60kg)


Organic green waste (Residential)

  $3.00 (up to 60kg)


Processed timber (Residential)

  $12.00 (up to 60kg)


Contaminated fill (Residential)

$10.80 (up to 100kg)


Clean concrete/bricks (Residential)

$6.00 (up to 100kg)


Clean fill (Residential)

$5.00 (up to 100kg)


General waste (Industrial/Commercial)



Organic green waste (Industrial/Commercial)



Processed timber (Industrial/Commercial)



Contaminated fill (Industrial/Commercial)



Clean concrete/bricks (Industrial/Commercial)



Clean fill (Industrial/Commercial) by application



Disposal of domestic asbestos* (by appointment)

$210.00 (per 100kg)


Electronic waste

   $2.00 per item


Furniture, mattress or base

 $46.00 per item


Tyres - less than 1m diameter with rim removed

$16.00 per tyre


Tyres - greater than 1m diameter

$100.00 per tyre


Rim removal charge

$27.00 per tyre


Car bodies (fuel tank removed)

$50.00 per car


























* Go to the Disposal of Asbestos page for further information.


Accepted free of charge

Recyclable plastic, unbroken glass bottles, aluminium containers, cardboard (under 100kg), wire, steel, metal, oil (under 20 litre containers), washing machines, ovens, fridges/freezers (CFC must already be removed), car batteries.

The Benalla landfill does not accept liquid or chemical waste.