Domestic Wastewater Management Plan

Download the Domestic Wastewater Management Plan.(PDF, 3MB)

Domestic wastewater disposal is an important environmental issue in Benalla Rural City. Many properties across Benalla Rural City do not have reticulated sewerage and rely on septic tank systems to dispose of their wastewater.

Benalla Rural City Council adopted its most recent Domestic Wastewater Management Plan on 3 February 2016 at its Council Meeting. The plan includes management strategies to:

  • Assist with the management of on-site disposal of effluent where land is not connected to a reticulated sewerage system
  • Clarification of parameters for new ‘greenfield’ development, infill development and the redevelopment of existing dwellings, with the objectives being to maximise connections to reticulated services in the Benalla township and incremental upgrades of ageing onsite systems in unsewered areas when redevelopment is proposed
  • A review of the declared sewerage district for Benalla township to assist with the development of a strategic plan to extend the existing reticulated sewerage network to adequately serve all land zoned General Residential and Low Density Residential
  • Circulation of community education material to ensure people are better informed about how to maintain their onsite system
  • Distribution of triennial reminders to landowners to desludge their septic tanks
  • Pilot programs to test the efficacy of various low cost measures in improving the performance of older onsite systems and to scientifically investigate the potential impacts of onsite systems on bore/ground water
  • The implementation of a proactive, risk based inspection program for existing systems, focusing initially on pre 2005 systems (due to their higher propensity to failure)
  • Annual training workshop for local experts on assessing wastewater treatment options and system design
  • Development of stormwater collection and treatment plans for Devenish, Goorambat and Baddagginnie to identify options to ensure greywater discharged into the stormwater system is efficiently collected and treated.