Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

Download the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan(PDF, 7MB)  (which documents how the Council will protect biodiversity assets in the performance of its duties and provides background information).

Roadside Vegetation Management Community Handbook(PDF, 4MB) (which has been produced for use by the general community including land holders, Landcare groups and fire prevention agencies).

Roadside Vegetation Management Plan Code of Practice(PDF, 4MB) (a document tailored to the needs of road construction and maintenance contractors and Council staff working in the field).

Roads form a pattern across the landscape. They have a number of values:

  • They form the basis of the road transport network.
  • They are critical for the safe movement of people and goods.
  • They can have important remnants of native vegetation and support the refuge and movement of fauna.
  • They are corridors for infrastructure, including property access, power lines, storm water management and at times flood mitigation.
  • They may act as important tools in fire management and suppression.
  • They may be used as sources of fuel including firewood.

Road reserves can also be a source of weeds for adjacent landholders.

Roadside Vegetation Management Plans are a tool to assist the community, landholders, Council staff and contractors to manage roadside vegetation.

This Roadside Vegetation Management Plan aims to provide a degree of confidence about how roadside vegetation may be managed at different locations. It provides a logic about why some activities are allowed in some places and others not. This Roadside Vegetation Management Plan has been drafted to take into account recent changes within the Benalla Rural City, legislative requirements, and community and stakeholder input. It draws on work undertaken from 2006, when the first draft Roadside Vegetation Management Plan was developed.