Prepare Your Planning Permit Application

A well-prepared application can shorten the permit processing and decision time, so schedule time to prepare your application.

Our planning permit process map(PDF, 527KB) will help you to understand each step in the planning process, the expected timeframes for each stage, how we make decisions on applications.

Do you need professional advice?

If your proposal is complex, or you are having difficulty meeting the application requirements, we strongly recommend that you obtain professional support (e.g. from an architect, draftsperson or surveyor) to prepare your application.

You can also contact us for advice. Our Planning team offers free professional advice to guide you through the planning permit process.

Pre-application meetings

For some proposals, we may recommend that you book a pre-application meeting  with a Planning Officer to review your application in detail to ensure it is ready for submission.

How to prepare your planning permit application

Step 1. Prepare your documents

Information you will need before you start your application:

  1. Completed planning permit application form
  2. Written description of your proposal
  3. Certificate of Title from Landata
  4. VicPlan Planning Property Report
  5. Fully dimensioned plans at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200, maximum size A3. If lodging in hard copy, supply x3 copies of each plan.
    • Site plan
    • Floor plan (as applicable)
    • Elevation plans (as applicable)
  6. Report of selected materials, colours and finishes (as applicable)

Use our Planning Permit Application Lodgement Checklist(PDF, 276KB) to ensure you are meeting the application requirements.

Specific planning permit requirements

To prepare specific planning permit applications, such as adding an extension, subdividing land, or displaying a sign, see Application Requirements.


Check our Fees and Charges to see all costs involved in your permit application.

Step 2. Check if you are eligible for VicSmart

You may be able to apply under VicSmart, a simple and fast planning permit process for straightforward applications.

VicSmart applications are exempt from advertising, and decided within 10 business days.

Find out whether your application qualifies and how to lodge with VicSmart.


Next step 

Lodge your planning permit application

If you are unsure if you have met the application requirements, or have questions, please contact us for advice.