Lodge Your Planning Permit Application

Step 1. Recheck your planning permit application

This is an opportunity to do a final check of your application before you submit it.

Use the Planning Permit Application Lodgement Checklist(PDF, 276KB)  to check the document requirements prior to lodgement.

If you are unsure about any aspect of your application, please contact us.

Application requirements

We cannot register your application until all required documents have been received. If there are any missing files or information, we'll be in touch to let you know.


Check Benalla Rural Council’s Fees and Charges to see all costs involved in your permit application

Payments can be made by phone, mail or in person. Invoices are available on request.

Application fees must be paid at lodgement. Your application cannot be registered until payment has been made.

Step 2. Lodge your planning permit application

Your application can be lodged by email, mail or in person.

If you are eligible, you can lodge your application via VicSmart.

Next steps

As shown in the Planning Permit Process(PDF, 527KB), we will:

  • assess your application
  • ask for any additional information
  • undertake public notification, if required
  • refer your application to authorities or other Council departments
  • review the application and any objections
  • assess it against the planning scheme
  • make a recommendation, which may or may not have to go to Council