Common (Indian) Myna

The Common Myna, sometimes known as the Indian Myna or Indian Mynah, is an invasive pest.

The Common Myna has the potential to do significant damage to fruit, vegetable and cereal crops. They are a serious problem for native animal populations as they aggressively attack nesting hollows and compete for food sources.

myna.jpg Benalla Rural City Council works with the Benalla Indian Myna Action Group, which is supported by the local landcare community, the Gecko Group. Read more about the joint initiative.

Common Myna populations are not averse to built-up, artificial environments. Roosting in local infrastructure is a problem. Large populations of the bird build quickly, devastating other bird populations and bringing increased risk of disease and noise issues to residents.

They also live in rooves, which leads to bird mites and can be detrimental to the health of families.

Here are some simple ways that you can help to limit increases in the local population:

  • Limit food sources available outside, such as pet food and other food scraps
  • Block off any holes in your roof or eaves to prevent nesting in your home
  • Plant bushes and shrubs that reduce the amount of open area in your backyard

On rural properties, cover feedstock and clean up spills