Swooping birds

Swooping birds are often native birds, including Australian Magpies, that are highly protective of their nests. They will often ‘swoop’ if they feel threatened.

In spring, some birds attack to warn intruders they are in ‘their territory’. They can be frightening and even dangerous.

The best strategy is to avoid swooping hotspots. It is an offence to harass or destroy native birds or their eggs as they are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975.

If you are swooped, help others to avoid the area by logging the swoop on Victoria’s Maggie Map.

Alternatively, tweet @DELWP_Vic with the location details and #swoopvic

Here are some tips for protecting yourself against swooping birds:

  • Avoid the area
  • Move quickly but don’t run
  • Cover your head
  • Don’t harass wildlife or damage nests
  • Don’t feed swooping birds
  • If you’re a cyclist, ‘eyes’ on the back of your helmet (drawn, or stuck on) can be helpful
  • Cyclists should dismount and walk quickly through bird-swooping areas