Feral (Wild) Pigs

In Victoria, feral or wild pigs are an established pest animal under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (the Act).

feral pig.jpg The majority of feral pig populations across Victoria are limited to isolated locations along the Murray River, near Mansfield, Kinglake, the Central Highlands and the Grampians.

Feral pigs cause significant environmental damage. They prey on, compete with and disturb many natural species. They wallow and root on the waterline of swamps and other waterways, destroying the vegetation that prevents soil erosion and is an important food source for many species.

Feral pigs create serious agricultural issues. They prey on newborn lambs, damage infrastructure, compete with livestock for pasture, uproot and trample on crops and foul waterholes. Pig farming is particularly threatened by disease carried by feral pig populations.

Visit the Agriculture Victoria website for information about controlling feral pig populations.