The Red Fox is an introduced species that preys on native animals and other small to medium animals. In Victoria, red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are an established pest animal under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (the Act). Under the Act, land owners have a responsibility to prevent the spread of established pest animals on their land.

Fox_study_6.jpg Foxes are associated with significant environmental and agricultural risk and costs. They kill livestock, can transmit diseases to domestic animals and damage infrastructure. If rabies is introduced to Australia, the vast population of foxes would pose a major biosecurity threat.

There are various management and control measures in place to try to decrease the population of foxes in Victoria. An eradication campaign is underway to reduce fox populations across most of Australia’s mainland.

Effective management requires a joint effort by public and private landowners. A bounty is available to encourage hunting of the red fox and wild dogs. Visit the Agriculture Victoria website to see the terms and conditions.

For information about foxes in, visit the Agriculture Victoria website

Visit the Agriculture Victoria website for more information about controlling foxes on your rural property.