David and Wendy Webster - Winton Achievers of the Year

David and Wendy Webster - Winton Achievers 2022

David and Wendy Webster are long standing Winton identities. David and Wendy participate and volunteer in nearly every aspect of life in Winton.

They both give freely of their time, provide financial support, ‘know how’ and equipment in support of their community.

David and Wendy are both long term trustees of the Winton Cemetery Trust. Wendy has been Secretary for the past 10 years. Through their leadership and drive the Cemetery has acquired new front gates and fencing; identified and marked all

un-marked graves; sourced funding and built a large rotunda, installed signage relating to history and added a toilet and outdoor seating to the facilities.

In addition to the usual record keeping of a Cemetery, Wendy has compiled a book with all the details of the persons buried in Winton, their family and local connections to preserve our history and ensure there is a record for the future.

Wendy is a long standing member of the Benalla Family Research Group and was a member of the Winton Wetlands Local Committee.

Wendy is a former school teacher and has volunteered at Winton Primary School to support their reading program and assist with children with learning difficulties.

David was born and raised in Winton, is a Vietnam Veteran, long time member of the Winton Fire Brigade and a former Councillor serving over 8 years with the Shire of Benalla.

This is a local family that continues to provide leadership and know how to support and improve their local community.